Moroni pursuing city water projects

Moroni pursuing city water projects


By Rhett Wilkinson

Staff writer



MORONI—Moroni City is looking to the future—water-wise.

The Moroni City Council hired Sunrise Engineering on Nov. 23 to work on a culinary tank and new well, the city’s fourth.

Robert Worley, professional engineer; Trent Brown, project manager, and Collin Pace, project manager for Sunrise, are currently working in the environmental phase for permitting the project. They are also working on designs for the tank and well, a new pump line from the well to the tank and a new overflow line that will take water from the tank to the existing irrigation pond, Brown told the Sanpete Messenger.

The engineers also wrote grants and acquired funding for the project through the Utah Division of Drinking Water board, Pace said.

The city applied for a loan, the board approved the loan and through that, the city was granted debt forgiveness, which is a grant, Pace said.

The engineers will release the bid for contractors for the project late this year, or if the city chooses, in the spring of next year. The designs are scheduled to be ready later this year.

The tank is to support future growth and to meet storage requirements for the city as it continues to grow. The purpose of the well is to provide one that’s low on nitrate so it will reach drinking water standards. There is “a nitrate problem with the existing well,” Brown said.

“Having another well will [also help] meet the demand for future growth,” Brown said.

“The well will help meet the source requirements [from the Utah Division of Drinking Water],” Brown said. “The culinary tank will help meet the storage requirements from the Utah Division of Drinking Water.”

Worley, Brown and Pace helped the city do a master plan update to the culinary water system before they recommended the tank and well project. They finished the plan around the middle of last year. Once they presented that plan, the city decided to move forward with the project, then decided to hire the engineers for the project.

“It will be a good project that will ensure that the city has a good quality source of water and also it’s a good project to … meet future demands to grow for the city,” Brown said. “It’s a good project; it’s good for the city to be proactive in planning of the city.”

Pace said that the well and tank are also for “existing” growth.

The tank will be near the lower of the two existing city tanks that are on the hill north of town. The well will be at the mud bogs, on the west end of town.