Moroni water supply safe, back to normal

Moroni water supply safe, back to normal


By Suzanne Dean 




MORONI—With installation of a new pump on the newer of Moroni’s two culinary water wells, the water system is back to normal.

An order that babies under 6 months and pregnant women should not drink the water was lifted March 9. The city said the water is now safe for consumption by all residents.

The city issued the order Feb. 26 after the pump on the newer well broke down. When that happened, instead of water from the new well mixing with water from a well drilled in 1965, the only water flowing into the city water tanks was from the old well.

The nitrate level of water flowing into the tank got up to 11 parts per million, Bert Kendall, director of public works, said. The EPA limit is 10 parts per million.

Residents were warned that high nitrate levels could make babies sick and conceivably cause death.

After installation of the new pump, Kendall said he flushed the whole city water system and tanks to get out any of the old water. Then he allowed water from the new well with the new pump to flow into the tanks.

“Then I tested it down at the health department in Richfield, and it was 1.3,” he said. In fact, the city reported two tests were run on two different days. In both, the nitrate level was well below the EPA limit.

A city official said the city has not received the bill for the new pump yet, but it will be at least $20,000.