Motel owner asks Manti City council to level playing field with internet B&Bs

Motel owner asks Manti City

council to level playing

field with internet B&Bs


By Emily Staley

Staff writer

Apr. 26, 2018


MANTI—The owner of Manti Country Village Motel, Dirk Correnti asked the Manti City Council to level the playing field between established motels and internet newcomers, such as Air B&B.

Speaking before the city council Wednesday, April 18, Correnti expressed concerns that short-term internet rentals are not required to comply with same taxes, regulations, licensing, insurance and safety requirements as traditional motels.

In addition, Correnti mentioned that he has lost a significant amount of business to Airbnb recently, said Manti Mayor Korry Soper.

There are 19 registered Air B&B sites in Manti and 69 in Sanpete County, Correnti said.

“None of these places has to keep their rooms up to the same standards as I do,” he said. “If they did, two-thirds of them would close.”

Correnti would like the city to implement a policy that treats both sides equally.

At the County Village Motel, rooms need to be clean, presentable and conform to all fire and building codes. Correnti pays for business licenses, liability insurance and property taxes. He follows all safety requirements and provides parking. “Do internet rentals do that? Most operate without a business license, without insurance and without paying taxes,” he said. “The cost isn’t equal. My expenses far exceed their expenses.”

Many Air B&B’s are located in residential areas, where parking, congestion and noise can all cause problems for the neighbors.

“We are going to look into our existing policy and see if we need a new law on internet rentals,” Mayor Soper said. “We are sympathetic to Dirk’s concerns.”

Without proper regulations, the city will lose out on tax and licensing revenues, as well as face liability to safety problems, Correnti said.

The city council also learned that daily culinary water usage has dropped by 20 percent, in a report from Manti Public Works Director Cory Hatch.

Blake DeMill from the electrical department reported that three-phase installation was completed at the County Fairgrounds.

Aidan Gowans came to the council to request a $250 sponsorship from Manti city for the local mountain biking team, which would go towards uniforms for the team. The request was granted.

Another request was made by Laney Reber for the city to contribute $500 for the Firemen’s Challenge. In the past, large cities in the county including Manti have contributed $500. The money is used for prize money in the Firemen’s Challenge. The winning department decides exactly what the money is used for, but in the past it has been used to help a family in need or to fund fire department supplies or equipment. The council agreed to the contribution.

Councilman Jason Maylett requested to amend the Maylett Estates Subdivision in order to expand the size of lot eight. The expansion would add about a quarter acre from a property to the south of the lot. This expansion would allow an addition to be made to the home on the lot. The council voted in favor to amend the subdivision.

Councilman Kent Barton reported that they will be having a joint work meeting with the Ephraim City Council on May 2 at 5 p.m. at the airport pilots’ lounge to discuss an operating agreement for the airport.

The Manti City Council will hold their next meeting on Wednesday, May 2 at 6:30 p.m.