Mt. Pleasant industrial park grant on track

Mt. Pleasant industrial park grant on track


By James Tilson




MT. PLEASANT—Mt. Pleasant has secured all of the money needed to match the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant to improve the city industrial park, along with a surplus, which will be used to extend the airstrip road and pay for engineering fees.

During a meeting of the Community Development and Renewal Agency (CDRA), Monte Bona, the executive director, updated the city council on the progress of the industrial park development project.

The project is being funded by an EDA grant of $249,200, with local matching funds to be raised by the city of $123,654, for a total project cost of $372,854.

The city had planned to raise its share of the cost by selling parcels of land on the south end of town near the industrial park and ConToy Arena. Bona announced that all of those sales had been completed, and the $189,000 in proceeds had exceeded the city’s matching goals.

Bona also told the council the city’s “scope of work” memorandum had been submitted to the EDA, and he was confident the project would go forward as amended.

The project will improve and extend roads and utilities in the industrial park to allow for expansion.