Mt. Pleasant wants to begin honoring one citizen a month

Mt. Pleasant wants to begin honoring one citizen a month


By Rhett Wilkinson

Staff writer



MT. PLEASANT – More recognition may be on the way in Mt. Pleasant City.

After meeting with someone who works with the mental health industry, Mt. Pleasant Mayor Michael Olsen talked with the city council Oct. 27 about doing a citizen of the month program.

Olsen said the program would entail recognizing a person once per month in city council meeting and taking their picture.

An example of someone who could be recognized is someone who is always shoveling the snow, Olsen said.

Councilman Sam Draper suggested giving the honorees a $10 gift card.

Olsen said that he was thinking of having citizens make the nominations, telling the council they would be amazed that people will nominate.

Olsen said he will move forward with pursuing the program now that the council is aware of it.

In other meeting action, Power Superintendent Shane Ward said his department chose a Cooper distribution transformer to be the city’s new distribution transformer. (A distribution transformer is used in “delivering the appropriate levels of voltages and currents throughout a system,” according to ScienceDirect. The city has borrowed one from Fairview City since Aug. 18, when a 1972 model blew out.) It will be $208,000, significantly less than the $234,000 he previously told the council the distribution transformer would cost, Ward said.

Ward said that new voltage regulators, devices that work with a transformer, will also cost less than the $50,000 Ward previously thought they would cost.

A voltage regulator is any electrical or electronic device that maintains the voltage of a power source within acceptable limits.

Also in the meeting, Allen said he is looking at replacing three trees that were blown over at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.