Multiple early morning break-ins plague Spring City

Multiple early morning

break-ins plague Spring City

By Robert Stevens

Managing editor

Mar. 29, 2018


SPRING CITY—A wave of early morning break-ins over the past several weeks has cost nearly 20 Spring City citizens about $1,000, several firearms and their peace of mind.

Clarke Christensen, Spring City’s police chief, said over the past two to three weeks approximately 17 cars and two homes have been broken into. All the acts of thievery have happened around 2-4 a.m. on vehicles and homes that were left unlocked, leading Christensen to believe they are crimes of opportunity.

So far there is no evidence that the criminal behavior has spread outside of Spring City said Christensen.

Despite the break-ins not being forced entry, Christensen said at least one of the home break-ins occurred while the occupants were home, sleeping in their beds—a chilling act of “violation” said Christensen. It was worse than simple theft because of the psychological effect it could have on victims.

Although the investigation is ongoing, which prevents him from releasing too much information, Christensen did say he is looking into several leads and persons of interest.

Until the perpetrators are in custody, Christensen has some suggestions to residents of Spring City that can also apply to anywhere in the county.

His suggestions are simple methods to prevent becoming an easy victim to criminals, such as the ones preying on unlocked cars and homes in the wee hours of the morning these past few weeks in Spring City.

He said you should document the serial number on any expensive items. If they are stolen, they can be easily identified if they are recovered when thieves attempt to pawn them.

Christensen also suggests that, although people may assume a small country town like Spring City is safe from criminals, it is always a good idea to lock your doors.

He recommends checking all your locks and having a peek out your windows to scan for unusual sightings or suspicious behaviors if you wake up in the middle of the night for any reason.

“A lot of people think that calling the police over suspicious behavior is a waste of our time,” Christensen said. “Nothing could be farther from the truth. That is our job, and we want to know if something strange is happening.”

Spring City’s police chief said investigators will continue to pursue leads and try to prevent future break-ins, but until the thieves are in custody, he warns Spring City residents to stay vigilant and remain proactive to prevent becoming victims themselves.