Nathan Mitchell is new to Wales mayor

Nathan Wales being swore in as new Wales mayor.


Nathan Mitchell is new to Wales mayor


By Doug Lowe 

Staff writer



WALES—The Wales town board interviewed three applicants before selecting Nathan Mitchell to serve out the term of the town’s recently resigned mayor, Keith Jensen, at a meeting April 9.

During his interview, Mitchell expressed how much he cared for Wales, and wanted to do whatever is best for the town and its citizens.

After being chosen from among the three men interviewed by the board that evening, Mitchell was sworn-in by the Town Recorder Velva Lee Sherman, and immediately began functioning in the office he will hold until Dec. 31, 2021, the date at which Jensen’s second term as mayor was scheduled to end.

The former mayor’s resignation was required by the fact he and his family moved to a new home outside the town’s legal boundries.

All three of the candidates were experienced in dealing with the town’s management: with two being current members of the town board, and the third having not only previously served on the board, but also as mayor.

In fact, one of those men, current board member Ron Thompson, had also been serving as mayor pro tem since Jensen’s resignation last month. And, the other, Byron Davis, had not only served on the Board until his term ended in Dec. 2019, but had also previously served four terms as the town’s mayor.

With Mitchell having become the new mayor, Wales must now appoint someone to replace him on the board. In keeping with state law, the recorder has begun posting notices that invite interested citizens to apply for the position by submitting their names and coming to the board’s next meeting, on May 5, to be interviewed.