New flavors, new car wash makes splash at Centerfield City Council meeting

New flavors, new car wash

makes splash at Centerfield

City Council meeting


By Kacie Reese

Staff writer

Mar. 29, 2018


CENTERFIELD—Reinvigorating Centerfield with new food options and a revamped car wash occupied the attention of the Centerfield City Council at their meeting on March 7.

Ashley Booth came to the meeting to get a business license for a food truck in Centerfield.

She said Centerfield has had the same food options for years, and it’s time to bring in some new ones. And she wants to provide those options.

In order to bring in these new flavors, Booth is paying for the project out of her savings.

The Munch Box will be permanently located at 168 S. Main St. with some parking off the street for customers. Booth wants the lot to be self-contained. She wants to “start out small and slowly build it up” and would like to turn it into a brick-and-mortar restaurant someday.

Breakfast and lunch will be served from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. The restaurant will not fully open until after the school year ends, but Booth plans to have a “soft” opening around April 1 to test the waters.

The council approved Booth’s license.

Another business license was requested by Courtney Lund, who plans to temporarily close the old Keep It Clean Car Wash for a month in order to clean it up and turn it into a nice car wash.

Lund said, “We’re tearing into it and just going to redo it.”

The council approved the license.

Matt Talbot, bus driver and maintenance worker for the Head Start Program in Centerfield, brought in questions about setting up outdoor lighting around the Head Start building.

He said when leaving the building at night, since there are no streetlights or residential lights, the area is pitch black.

Talbot suggested adding LED lighting to the parking lot, since LED lights are less obtrusive. The lights will be on a timer, so they will only be on when there are parent meetings or similar activities happening at night.

The council also recommended Kathy Frandsen to serve on the Gunnison Valley Hospital Board, replacing Nancy Jensen, who recently resigned.

The recommendation will go to the board, but the board will make the final decision on who to appoint to the position.