New Gunnison pool manager takes reins

After a 14-year stint as the parks and cemetery superintendent for Gunnison City, Matt Reber will now run the Gunnison Valley swimming pool.

New Gunnison pool manager takes reins


By Robert Stevens 

Managing editor



GUNNISON—Management of the Gunnison City swimming pool is changing hands.

Matt Reber, parks and cemetery superintendent for Gunnison City, has accepted the position of pool manager. The city council voted to finalize Reber’s position change during the council meeting on Wednesday. Feb. 5.

“We look forward to welcoming Matt Reber as our new pool manager,” Gunnison City Mayor Lori Nay said. “His experience and enthusiasm will be an asset to our city as he puts them to work in this new position.  We look forward to the improvements that he has planned at the pool and know that he will take great care and pride in managing this great asset for our community.”

Reber will take over for Kevin Havey, who has run the pool for Gunnison City for the last five years. Havey helped to bring the pool from a suffering facility to a clean and functional local recreation opportunity for Gunnison Valley residents.

When Havey made the decision to move on from the pool to work contracting for the hotel and hospitality industry, Gunnison City leadership was left looking for a qualified candidate to take over management of the pool.

Reber has worked as the parks and cemetery superintendent in Gunnison City for the last 14 years, but he has also been involved with the pool as well, helping with various forms of maintenance and projects during Havey’s time as manager.

“I’ve been working with the pool for a long time and so I have always had some ownership of it,” Reber says. “I’ve always loved to swim and the water. Kevin got the pool rolling real well. There is a lot of things I still need to learn, but it will come with time and I will get it all figured out.”

The experience working on the pool facilities made him the logical choice for city officials who voted to hire him, but Reber’s reasons for wanting the new job are a little more personal.

“I decided to make the switch because I love working with the youth,” Reber says. “I was a scout leader for 30 years, and since that’s over for me, this is a way I can keep doing that, mentoring them and teaching life skills.”

For now Reber says he wants to make the pool the best option for family-friendly activities.

“We are always looking to bring in new revenue,” Reber says. “I think new ideas will come with time as I make it mine, but I am not the guy who is trying to reinvent the wheel. If it’s working, don’t fix it; but let’s make it a little bit better if we can.”

Reber says the pool is scheduled for some minor repairs, but is in pretty good shape overall. He is currently looking for someone to teach evening water aerobics, so interested parties should call him at 201-0590.

“We want to have a good clean, friendly environment that people can enjoy and have a good time at, and then hopefully more people will come,” he says.

In addition to managing the pool up until now, Havey also led the Gunnison Valley recreational swim team, and he says that he intends to continue doing so if at all possible.

“Kevin Havey did a great job for our city as our pool manager,” Nay says. “The pool attendance and enthusiasm grew under his management. Kevin is returning to his business as a contractor and we wish him well in that transition.  I want to thank him for the many years he has dedicated his time and talents to making our pool a great place to enjoy.”