New Gunnison restaurant, Pratt’s Place, offers unique menu

Eric and Jess Pratt, and their daughter Poppy, in front of their new restaurant, Pratt’s Place, which opened last Friday in Gunnison.


New Gunnison restaurant, Pratt’s Place, offers unique menu


By Lloyd Call

Associate publisher



GUNNISON—Eric and Jess Pratt may have finally put their feet down for a while, opening a new restaurant last Friday called Pratt’s Place, at 97 S. Main, 851-2786.

You’ll notice a strange bird on their building, which doesn’t have any feet. The Martlet bird is a mythical heraldic bird, and it’s part of the Pratt family crest. “The bird doesn’t have any feet, symbolizing its inability to land and so it’s destined to continue moving, learning and growing, since it can’t rest. I relate to that,” said Eric.

We hope the Pratts have landed solidly in Gunnison for a while, because Pratt’s Place has a lot going for it. Jessica was born and raised in Axtell, while Eric has lived in Bountiful, Taylorsville, Salina, Moab, and lots of other places, but we hope they are satisfied to stay in Gunnison a while. While waiting to interview the Pratt’s, the author sampled a chicken parmesan sandwich. “It was really tasty, with some zing to it, probably because it was all freshly-made that day,” Call said.

Manager Misty Cox serves Justen Mellor, left, from Gunnison, and Daniel Snow, right, from Centerfield.

Eric moved to Sanpete Valley in 2006 and married Jess in 2007. They have five children and live in Axtell and are business partners. “I was inspired by a friend who owned a restaurant,” Eric said. “While working in Moab, I really enjoyed how the restaurants there focus on their ambiance and vibe. It’s something I knew I wanted to do if I ever opened one of my own.”

When you sample their menu, you’ll believe that Eric made the right choice. Order breakfast, and check out their French toast Panini, Berry Yogurt Crunch or hot oatmeal. They open

This chicken parmesan sandwich went down really well for the writer.

at 7 a.m., and stay open till 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

For lunch, try the chicken parmesan sandwich I tried, or a “not your normal Reuben,” or an avocado veggie sandwich. Salads include a berry salad, a “protein-packed” salad, or the spinach beet salad for something really tasty and different. Soups and sides add even more variety, and everything is made fresh.

If you want a nice cup of coffee, you have a real treat, from Caffe Ibis, a family-owned “green business” and artisan coffee roasting house that focuses on triple certified, organic, fair trade and Smithsonian “bird-friendly” coffee that is custom roasted and shipped fresh to Pratt’s Place, where it is ground in house shortly before brewing.

Manager Michael Camp was frustrated sitting in St. George working for T-Mobile. When he saw the opening, he said, “This is it, sign me up!” and he was hired a day later. Other cooks in

Manager Michael Camp and cook Theresa Sehorn get ready an order. The restaurant offers free delivery during lunch hours to Gunnison and Centerfield locations.

clude Theresa Sehorn, Misty Cox from Manti, Rayven Goode and other locals who are thrilled to be there.

“Nothing brings people together like food,” Eric said. “We all have to eat, but good food and good company just drives away controversy and division. We just want our customer to enjoy a great meal, and be happy.”



The décor in Pratt’s Place is black and white with a clean, rustic look, and a pleasant atmosphere.