Parade will honor Ephraim’s “Nevie” Travis Crompton

       Nevaline “Nevie” Travis                        Crompton


Parade will honor Ephraim’s

“Nevie” Travis Crompton




Ephraim resident, Nevaline “Nevie” Travis Crompton, turns 100 on Friday, June 12. There will be a parade in her honor on Saturday, June 13 at 2 p.m. Cars will line up at Center Street and 100 West, then proceed north past Golden Skyline Assisted Living.


Nevie was born June 12, 1920 in Herrin, Illinois, where she grew up, graduated from high school, and married Bob Crompton, a WWII Army veteran.


By 1950, Nevie and Bob had a son, Bobbie—their only child—and moved to Colton, California, where Nevie became active in the Colton Woman’s Club and Colton Bible Chapel.


She made, decorated, and collected hats to go with every outfit—until women no longer wore hats. Nevie decorated cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for the Colton Woman’s Club teas and other occasions. Her other talents include acrylic painting, tole painting, and creating holiday crafts. She also played piano and organ.


Bobbie, a Vietnam Air Force veteran—and Nevie’s caregiver—died on April 2, 2018.


She lived in the same three-mile radius in Colton for 68 years until October 2018, when her family was able to extract her from California and bring her to Ephraim, to care for her here. She says she enjoys the peace of her new home.


She is ambulatory and uses a walker. She is bright, conversational, and sometimes forgetful, she is cute, funny, and a delight to know. Nevie doesn’t like to talk to people because she says she doesn’t have anything to say, but—Oh Boy!—get her going and she’ll entertain you for hours.


Happy 100th Birthday, Aunt Nevie.