Parolee apprehended after carjacking, chase

CENTERFIELD—A Colorado parolee was involved in a high speed chase, a crash and a carjacking before finally being apprehended on Tuesday, July 13.

Parker Chase Avondet, 21, was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery, fleeing the scene of an accident, failing to stop for police, speeding, multiple counts of drug and paraphernalia possession, and using license plates registered to another vehicle.

On Monday, July 12, Avondet was seen by police traveling 95 mph in a 45 mph zone on Centerfield’s Main Street. Local authorities attempted a stop, but Avondet was able to elude them with high speed and evasive driving.

According to the police affidavit, Avondet traveled at high speeds into Sevier County and the officer was unable to keep a visual on the vehicle, ultimately terminating the chase near Redmond with the suspect’s vehicle travelling north.

Later that day, a car accident was reported on U.S. 89 near the Route 256 junction, and one of the involved vehicles was the same vehicle that eluded the officer who had pursued it before.

Upon arrival, authorities discovered Avondet’s vehicle badly damaged with a female passenger stuck inside and injured. Avondet was not at the scene.

“It was later determined the driver flagged down a passing motorist citizen, assaulting her, causing serious bodily injury while she was attempting to assist with the accident, stole her vehicle and fled the accident scene in her vehicle,” the affidavit stated.

Heroin and methamphetamine were found in the crashed vehicle, and the license plate did not match the vehicle VIN number. Authorities were able to confirm the vehicle had been stolen from Colorado.

Avondet, a Colorado parolee, had stolen the vehicle, switched the plates and fled to Utah. According to the affidavit, authorities were able to discern from new information that he was still in the Sanpete County area after the carjacking, making plans to flee back to Colorado.

On the evening of Tuesday, July 13, authorities were able to find Avondet hiding inside the trunk of a family member’s vehicle, and took him into custody.

He was booked into the Sanpete County Jail and held without bail.