Peaceful marches, yes – vandalism, graffiti and violence no

Peaceful marches, yes – vandalism,

graffiti and violence no




Editor’s Note: This is a letter written to Ephraim Mayor John Scott in the aftermath of a local Black Lives Matter march on Tuesday, May 10.



Dear Mayor Scott:


I participated in the Black Lives Matters march on Tuesday, May 10. I wish I would have carried a sign my sister saw at another march that said, “Dismantle racism, not the police department.” That’s how I feel. I love our police officers and have the deepest respect for them.

I participated in the march as a mother and a retired teacher. We lost our precious daughter to SIDS and I never knew anything could hurt so much, but these mothers are losing their children to hate. I marched for every mother that has lost a child to hate. I marched for every mother that worries every time her child walks out the door. I marched in support of students of races other than white in my classes that shared with me experiences they had had with prejudice in Ephraim, shattering my rose colored glasses and helping me to realize that more needs to done, even in our wonderful community that I love deeply. I want a world where everyone feels safe to go jogging, birding, to the store or anywhere else they want to go.

Some people are misjudging our intentions, but it has been said that even if you are misjudged, do the right thing anyway and that’s what I did. It was right for me. I don’t want to be the bystander allowing hate to destroy others. We’re all God’s children and deserve to be respected and heard.

Violence is never, ever the answer. Vandalism is just plain wrong. Those that rioted did their cause a great disservice. I hope those that put the graffiti on our public buildings will be caught and given many hours of community service. Looting and destruction of property are a whole different matter and need to be treated as a crime.

This march was to be a peaceful one, which it was. We are most grateful for the police presence patrolling the streets as we walked down Main Street with signs calling for love for one another and an end to racism. It was our families supporting their families.

I love Ephraim! I am so grateful for the wonderful leaders that serve our community so well. We are blessed to live in this great town.

Hopefully others can understand where we are coming from and good things can come from this. Thank you for being a wonderful mayor that listens to your community members.



Ann Gardner,