Several Sanpete communities are holding

scaled-back July 24th events


By Rhett Wilkinson

Staff writer



Hundreds of new COVID-19 cases are reported in Utah each day. In the midst of the pandemic, elected officials in the county have debated scaling back or cancelling Pioneer Day activities.

Many towns that usually hold Pioneer Day festivities are not this year.

Some are, however. Below is a list of cities holding July 24 events. Contact each city or town to get up-to-date facts about functions and plans.



The city is only doing fireworks on Thursday, according to town staff. The fireworks will blast off once it becomes dark enough. You can reach city hall at 528-3296.



Children can participate in a Pinewood Derby, which involves racing a miniature wooden “car” against others, rolling down an inclined track. The derby will take place Saturday at 6 p.m. at Canyon View Park in Ephraim. The city still has 18 kits remaining, so folks can still sign up, Ephraim City Recreation Director Michael Patton said.

“We are going to take them until we are out of kits,” Patton said. “Obviously you want to get here as soon as possible so you can make your car … you don’t want to show up the day of.”

Folks can register online or by calling Patton at 283-4631 ext. 5.



The town is blasting off fireworks at 10 p.m. Friday. The municipality is doing it from west of the cemetery, so all Fairview residents should be able to see them from their home, town staff said.

Saturday, Ryan Johnson and Fuel Hub & Market will hold a Dice Run. The first 20 entries will get a Dice Run swag bag. Folks need to register at FH&M by 9 a.m. Saturday for the run, which starts at 10 a.m. The entrance fee is $10.


Spring City

The town will hold a drive-by vehicle parade put together by volunteers. It starts at 10 a.m. Friday. City residents are invited to decorate vehicles, including a horse and buggy, tractor or other farm equipment or motorcycle. The parade will occur on Spring City’s main street. Folks must remain in their car while the parade takes place. The parade will see Miss Spring City Royalty, this year’s Citizen of the Year/Parade Grand Marshall and a color guard, according to the city’s July newsletter.

Also, an Itty Bitty Spring City contest and 5K run/walk will take place through Friday. Folks can also decorate a city light pole.

The Itty Bitty Spring City Contest involves color copies of photos that are “zeroed in” on one aspect of a structure in the city. The contestant must identify what the structure is based on that picture. Those pictures “will be available on the city website, the city Facebook page and at city hall or the city post office,” Mayor Cynthia Allred DeGrey wrote. “Your answer sheet must be submitted to Tayler Allan by the evening of July 24.

“All correct entries will be entered into a drawing and winners will be chosen and awarded prizes,” DeGrey wrote.

Folks can pre-register for the 5K run/walk, which also has a separate children’s one-mile division, at springcitypioneerday@gmail.com. The 5K costs $10 and for kids 12 and under participating in the one mile run or walk is $5. “Payment should be made to Selicia Mackay preferably through Venmo or PayPal, but if you do not have access to either of these, contact Selicia to make other payment arrangement,” DeGrey wrote. “You can run or walk anytime between July 20 and July 24, but be sure to submit your time so you can receive your t-shirt and be entered into a drawing for some great prizes.”

Regarding decorating a city light pole, the city invites families “to decorate one of the main streetlight poles in patriotic or pioneer style,” DeGrey wrote. Prizes will be awarded