Planning Commission seeks better regulation on storage structures

Planning Commission seeks better regulation on storage structures

By James Tilson

Staff writer

Sept. 21, 2017


MANTI—During its last meeting, the Sanpete County Planning Commission discussed a proposed new ordinance governing freestanding structures such as storage buildings.

The ordinance proposed by Zoning Administrator Scott Olson reads as follows: “All parcels/lots must be legal and conforming in the applicable zone for the structure. A single 120-square-foot-maximum, permit-exempt storage shed is allowed in all zones.

“A single structure over 120 square feet is permitted in the A, RA-1 and RA-2 zones with a building permit. The structure must meet current International Building Code (IBC) structural requirements and WUI (wildland-urban interface) mitigation requirements (if located in the WUI overlay zone). Exception: Not allowed on residential and recreational subdivision lots.”

Olson explained that the ordinance sought to restrict unpermitted storage buildings in the county and to exclude such buildings altogether in sensitive, industrial, commercial, residential or recreational zones. However, the ordinance would allow small storage sheds typically purchased at hardware stores for home use.

Commissioner Leon Day expressed his concern that the ordinance was too exclusive. Day said Sanpete County draws many retirees who purchase a plot of land with plans to eventually build a retirement home. In the meantime, they build a barn on the property before they build the house.

The commission agreed to redact the “residential” exception, the provision banning structures that are more than 120 square feet from residential zones, even a building permit.

With the ban on larger freestanding structures in residential zones eliminated, the commission approved the new ordinance.