Popular Manti ATV ride draws record number of riders

A group of ATV riders descend a trail near Skyline Drive while taking part in Manti’s Mountain ATV Run last weekend.


Popular Manti ATV ride draws

record number of riders


By Robert Green

Staff writer



MANTI—The newly added Manti Mountain ATV fall ride was not only filled with spectacular autumn colors, it turned out to be the city’s most popular ride on record.

There were about 150 riders who participated in two-days of guided ATV trail rides along the Arapeen Trail near Skyline Drive in the Manti-La Sal Mountains last weekend, said Manti City Manager Kent Barton.

The riders enjoyed the sites and were fortunate to witness the mountains changing colors, said Barton, who was up on the mountain guiding a group of riders on both days. “We had a lot of comments; we got into some really pretty maples that were fire-orange and red and some aspen groves that were starting to turn yellow. I think they really enjoyed the fall colors.”

This is the first year that Manti has added an autumn ride to the schedule, Barton said. In the past, there has been a single ride held in August. Most years, it would average about 70 riders, he said. This year, there was a summer ride in July, where 99 riders signed up; and the fall ride last week enrolled 150 riders, the most ever.

Barton attributes the high participation rate to the overall enthusiasm these days for getting outdoors and into the mountains.

“People enjoy our trails,” he said. “The mountains are spectacular; you get up on the top and everyone enjoys seeing that.”

Manti is planning on holding two rides again next year. The city charges $50 per rider for the two day event. It includes two days of guided trail rides, continental breakfast both days, a sack lunch both days; and dinner at the park on Friday night. There are six guided routes available; and the riders take a different route each day.

This is a great value for the riders, Barton said. On Friday, there is a delicious dinner with barbequed ribs and chicken; each rider also receives a logoed t-shirt.

A lot of the riders come back year after year, he said. They like the Manti trail ride because it’s a bit smaller and more intimate than other trail rides. They like the community and they come back to see their friends.

The city breaks even on paying for the event, Barton said. There is a city account set up to pay for the operating expenses.

All guides reported back that there were no mishaps or problems on the mountain this year, Barton said.

“There was a little more dust on the mountain than most years, but we had a little bit of rain, which helped,” he said.