Pray for our leaders

Letters to the editor:

Pray for our leaders


When we were out of the area last year we attended an evangelical church meeting. In that meeting the pastor led requests for prayer. At the end he added a prayer of his own. In that he prayed for the president, Obama, his administration and Congress. I was shocked, and then thought “why not!” The Bible tells us to pray for those that oppose us, even our enemies. We can do this. We need to.

Now we have a new administration, and the thought remains, “Pray? Why not!” We cannot ring up President Donald Trump. We cannot call the oval office to thank him or voice our concerns, but we do have a direct line to heaven. We have a connection to the God of all creation, to express the concerns of our heart. We can call upon the real ‘powers that be.’ More than that, we need to exercise that right.

Whether we like and approve of all that President Trump is doing or think he is the worst thing that could happen to this country, it doesn’t matter. He needs help. He needs wise counsel. He needs guidance. He needs a calm response in the face of opposition and he needs our help and prayers to do this. He needs to know the voice of the people, but more than that, he needs the word of God and to walk daily in that power.

So, let us not forget our president and all those in authority. Let our thoughts turn to the need we all share for our country, and pray. Whether we are standing alone in mountain splendor, or kneeling in our closets, let us pray. Let us remember them in our meditations, in our family prayers, even in church meetings.

Why not? In our hearts there is no separation of church and state. Are we not one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. May we pray that it may be and remain so is my prayer.


Terrel R. Davis

Ephraim, Utah


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