Prison locked down after inmate fight

Prison locked down after inmate fight


By Matthew Harris

Staff Writer



GUNNISON— The Central Utah Correctional Facility was put on lockdown on Saturday, Aug. 13 after a fight broke out in the recreation yard, Brooke Adams at the Utah Department of Corrections confirmed.

The fight, involving seven inmates, broke out around 1:30 p.m. right as the inmates were returning to the Cedar housing unit from the recreation yard. Correctional officers successfully intervened in the matter before any serious injuries were inflicted.

“Such events can take place very quickly,” Adams stated, “and this one was observed and broken up before it escalated.”

Of the seven, three sustained minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital before being returned to the prison.

The facility cancelled visitation to the Cedar housing unit during the weekend. Operations are now proceeding as normal in all other areas. The Cedar housing unit is expected to return to normal operations by the end of the week.