Public will be able to search Ephraim ordinances online

Public will be able to search Ephraim ordinances online

By James Tilson

Associate Editor


EPHRAIM—The Ephraim City Council has adopted a new software package that will allow the city to post its ordinances online, where its residents can view and search them from home.

The council approved a contract with Municode of Tallahassee, Fla. According to a letter accompanying the service contract, Municode provides services to over 4,500 municipalities throughout the United States, including 64 in Utah, and hosts 3,500 government code books online.

“Right now, we have five [ordinance] code books in writing,” said city recorder Leigh Ann Warnock. “They are all different, and all need to be updated. They are not online, and they are not searchable. It is very frustrating.”

Warnock, who had attended a demo session on the software, said, “This software allows us to make our own edits, track them, and then have the results searchable online.”

Bryan Kimball, city engineer, added that the software had a search option allowing a user to search for terms, and look for contradictions and conflicts within the ordinances. This would allow city employees to make sure resolutions presented to the council did not contradict already-enacted ordinances.

Kimball Clark, regional sales executive for Municode, told the council the software supported government transparency. By using the software, the public could inform itself on ordinances, he said. The software could also host policies and procedures, and city council meeting minutes.

Councilwoman Margie Anderson said, “I think this will protect us legally.” The council approved the contract unanimously.