Red Ribbon Week

Kolleen Jensen sits with a class of kindergarteners on “Use Your Head—Don’t Do Drugs” day of Red Ribbon Week, which called for students to come in hats or hairstyles.


Red Ribbon Week


By Ben Lasseter

Staff witer



Last week, elementary schools across Sanpete County participated in a drug awareness program called “Red Ribbon Week.”

The Red Ribbon Campaign calls itself “the largest drug abuse prevention campaign in the nation” on its website. As a non-profit program under the National Family Partnership, its mission is to offer awareness, advocacy and resources against drug use to American youth.

The program traditionally includes following daily dress themes throughout the week. At Gunnison Valley Elementary School, these included wearing red to support the whole cause, sports jerseys to “team up against drugs,” and “scare drugs away day” with Halloween costumes on Friday, the day before Halloween.

Gunnison faculty said regulations imposed for the pandemic had not impacted their Red Ribbon Week Plans, but the same was not true for Ephraim Elementary School, according to Heather Harward, school secretary.

“Usually, we have a big opening assembly and some opening events,” she said, but not this year. The annual Halloween parade also had to be cancelled.

At Ephraim Elementary, the week is actually called “Safety Awareness Week.”

“It’s about more than just being safe about drugs,” Harward said. Other topics types of learning included emotional safety and crossing the street properly.

Like Gunnison Valley Elementary, Mt. Pleasant Elementary School had a dress-up week that saw hats, tie dye, “crazy socks” and Halloween costumes.

“The kids have had a lot of fun with it,” said Jessica Hall, school secretary.

Fairview Elementary School and Gunnison Valley Middle School held Red Ribbon Week two weeks ago. They had dress-up days and in-class sessions on drug awareness.

Manti Elementary School did not hold Red Ribbon Week last week. Instead, they are aiming to do it in February.

To learn more about the Red Ribbon Campaign, visit their website at redribbon.org.