Remember the milkman? Local farmer brings back nostalgia of home delivery

SPRING CITY—Jeff Edmunds, the owner/operator of Spring City Greens, recalls having milk delivered to their front porch by the local milkman when he was a young boy growing up in Fountain Green.   

Some of the old-timers may remember Leo Larsen, the owner of Highland Dairy. Jeff wants to bring back the nostalgia of the good ol’ days and provide local home delivery of fresh, locally grown produce, microgreens, flowers, potted plants, honey & eggs right to your front porch.

“We are also excited to support other local farmers, food artisans, artists, bakers, and growers by offering their great locally produced products,” Edmunds says.

His local vendors include homemade specialty bread from Rissa’s Little Cafe, delicious jams and pickled vegetables from Lue’s Homemade Goods and, handcrafted items like the Harvest Basket from Peel Furniture Works.

“Dale is also building our “Home Delivery Box,” a beautifully handcrafted replica of the “milkbox” of the past that can be placed on your front porch to receive your weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. We are always on the lookout for additional vendors that want to add their locally produced items to our menu,” Edmunds says.

Spring City Greens delivers the same days they harvest to local communities, with deliveries to Sanpete (North Sanpete down to Manti) on Thursday, Gunnison and Salina, and the Richfield area on Fridays. They are also planning a Saturday morning Farmer’s Market and farm stand for the fall season produce.

Edmund’s passion for growing healthy living food started when he lost his brother Brent in 1999 to cancer – he was only 55 years old. He took a close look in the mirror and realized that he was overweight and his health and energy had spiraled out of control.

After some intense research, he decided to jump on the raw living food wagon to reverse his then-poor health and eating habits. Quickly realizing there was just not a lot of fresh, healthy local food available at the time, he started a small garden and indoor grow space (kitchen) where he began growing microgreens and wheatgrass for juicing.

While perfecting their growing techniques and enjoying some of the best homegrown salads and green smoothies, he lost close to 100 pounds and never felt more alive and energized.

“With our new passion for health and helping others, the idea of providing nutrient-dense and healing foods to the community grew naturally,” says Edmunds, “But, we needed more space, so we found a small 4-acre farm for sale in Spring City, just blocks from his late grandma Annie’s little brick home.”

Spring City Green’s main goal is to create a local market garden farm and to grow fresh greens year-round. They are committed to sourcing organic, non-GMO seeds, and they will never use any pesticides or synthetics on the farm.

“We want to be a part of the change for the better, support and build local businesses, and build a local network by growing our local front porch delivery service and “Making Porches Great Again,” Edmunds says.

Jeff and his wife Carol grow lettuce, kale, arugula, heirloom tomatoes, and spinach in their 30’ x 100’ high-tunnel, and they grow microgreens year-round in their indoor grow room.     

“We start planting our seasonal produce outdoors when the chance of the last frost has passed, and we are hoping to extend our growing season with the use of additional row cover and caterpillar tunnels this fall,” he says.

To set up your home delivery account, visit their website, follow them on Instagram and sign up for their farm rag “newsletter” for weekly updates, samples and contests or Call Jeff: 801-824-4498   #springcitygreens #makeporchesgreatagain