Residents concerned about conditions of Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Residents concerned about conditions of Mt. Pleasant Cemetery


By Rhett Wilkinson

Staff writer



MT. PLEASANT—A Mt. Pleasant resident is concerned about the condition of the city cemetery, and she’s not keeping quiet about it.

Pam Stoker told the Messenger she appreciates the work that has been done on the cemetery since she brought her concerns to the Mt. Pleasant City Council on Sept. 22.

She was back at the Oct. 13 meeting to talk about a sprinkler problem at “an older section” of the cemetery. She said the sprinklers need to be adjusted or replaced or both.

She asked if the city could order more sprinklers. Colter Allen, the city’s public works superintendent, said that the city has extra sprinkler heads on hand.

Another problem, she said, is the thistles at the cemetery. She asked the council to confer with  Lynn Larsen, who sprays thistles for Moroni City.

“One of my concerns is to get on that and have the spraying done this fall so maybe they won’t be as bad come spring,” she said.

Larsen has asked for a five-year contract. If he gets that, he will spray for free this fall, she said.

Stoker asked if city workers were giving all the time they can to the cemetery. Allen said at the meeting that he had had staff at the cemetery that day.

Stoker said she is especially bothered that the city waters its ball fields at the expense of other places that need watering.

In response, Councilman Russ Keisel told her the ball fields have to be watered because they must have a “certain depth” to play on.

“I’m with you, Pam,” Keisel said at the meeting. “The cemetery is something that needs to be taken care of.”

He said keeping grounds watered should be a priority.