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Residents invited to ‘very important’ meeting to discuss future of Mt. Pleasant power dept.

Residents invited to ‘very important’ meeting
to discuss future of Mt. Pleasant power dept.


Suzanne Dean



MT. PLEASANT—Mt. Pleasant City has scheduled what city officials describe as “a very important town hall meeting” on Tuesday, Dec. 6 to discuss the future of the Mt. Pleasant Power Department.

The meeting will be at 6 p.m. at city hall, 115 W. Main. The public is invited.

Mayor David Blackham said city staff and the city council started talking about whether the city could continue to sustain a power department back when Sandra Bigler was mayor. When Blackham took office in January 2014, he continued the discussions and analysis.

The gathering next Tuesday will an “exploratory meeting” to get community input on the status of Mt. Pleasant’s power system, Blackham said.

The city power superintendent will make a presentation discussing the assets, future infrastructure needs and financial status of the Power Department.

Rocky Mountain Power will also be there to give an independent assessment of the power system.

Blackham said, “I have exercised due diligence in assessing the future as it relates to the costs of operating and maintaining a power system and delivering electricity to our citizens as efficiency and cheaply as possible.”

He said he had consulted with industry experts and wants all of the residents of Mt. Pleasant involved in making decisions based on objective analysis and geared toward the best interests of all residents.

“We want to place the Power Department in the broader context of city services in general, including the current debt service the city is carrying,” the mayor said.