Rockslide blocks 12-mile Canyon for several weeks, says district ranger

This rockslide has blocked 12-mile Canyon Road, and District Ranger Kyle Beagley says it is unlikely the road will be open in time for Memorial Day weekend.


Rockslide blocks 12-mile Canyon for several weeks, says district ranger


Robert Stevens

Managing editor



MAYFIELD—A rockslide has blocked traffic on 12-mile Canyon Road, and the Forest Service predicts the road may remain closed through Memorial Day weekend.

According to District Ranger Kyle Beagley, the slide happened just below Spring Hill on 12-mile Canyon Road. Beagley says the Forest Service has begun the task of getting equipment on site to begin clearing the slide earlier this week, but it may not go quickly.

“We expect it is going to take some time to remove the fallen material as well as additional earth that will slide as we remove what is there,” Beagley said. “We will not be able to let traffic pass while work is occurring and as a safety precaution we will restrict access afterhours in case more material should come down.”

Beagley says the road will remain open up to and above Town Reservoir, the point of closure will be at the base of the dug way below Spring Hill. At this point in time the road is still snow covered just a mile beyond Spring Hill.

“A lot of volatile soils exist above the slide where there is cracking and a lot of additional soil ready to come down,” Beagley said. “We will be pulling it all down and in order to do the job right and safely. It is going to take some time. We anticipate the road remaining closed for at least two to three more weeks.”