(2 Seats for 4-Year Term)

(L-R): Mike Bennett, Patty Glauser, Jaden James, Diane Johnson, Steve Liddiard.

Steven Liddiard

Steven Liddiard is grateful to live in the United States of America, for which many men and women have fought and served to give freedom and liberty.

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. According to Liddiard, one of the greatest treasures of the nation and community are the children. He and his wife currently serve as the Mayfield Youth Town Council advisors.

As a council member, Liddiard plans to work to make the town a family-friendly place where the youth can enjoy recreational activities and safe opportunities to grow and learn.

Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett grew up in Manti but has lived in Mayfield for the past 21 years with his wife Amanda and their children. Bennett works for Azomite Minerals in Nephi.

“By working in Nephi I am able to ensure that Mayfield is my forever home,” Bennett said. “Because of this, it is important that I contribute what I can to our town and help out in any way.”

For 12 years he has been able to serve the public. He began his public service in 2009 when he was placed on the Sanpete County Fair Board, which he has chaired for the past six years. In 2018 he was elected to the Mayfield Town Council.

Bennett said he enjoys public service where he can help everyone’s voice be heard.

Patty Glauser

Patty Glauser moved to Mayfield in March of 2018. Her original home was in Fredonia, Ariz. Her family moved to Fredonia when she was two years old and lived there for a very important ten years.

Her professional life has always been in dentistry, and she is a master dental ceramist. Her education includes a two-year certification course in dental technology. Glauser has experience with self-employment as well as working for other businesses.

Church and community service has been an interest to Glauser over the years. She wants Mayfield is to remain charming, beautiful, simple and free. Mayfield is a community where service to one’s neighbor is common, she said.  Glauser appreciates that the celebrations are rich with small-town tradition and flair.

Glauser called Mayfield “rare and precious,” and said she wants to keep it that way.

Jaden James

Jaden L. James was born and raised in the Gunnison Valley. He moved to Mayfield in April of 2019, a goal he had long had.  James currently works for Sunrise Engineering out of Fillmore, Utah.  He is in the construction field the majority of the time working on many different civil projects for water, sewer and road reconstruction.  

“Being involved with different cities and government entities, I feel as if my experience is of great value to the place I call home,” James said.

James would like to use his knowledge of civil engineering to help provide assistance to the mayor and the residents of Mayfield for the better. He said his knowledge of water and sewer works and road construction could be a great asset to this great place he calls home.

James is also a member of the Sanpete County Fair Board and said he loves to help and serve his community whenever it is possible.

Diane Johnson

Diane Johnson has been a resident of Mayfield for a quarter of a century. It is a town she loves and calls home, she said.

Johnson grew up in a small town and moved to Mayfield because she wanted her children to be raised with the same values she had of community, cooperation and service.

She served on the Mayfield Town Board 20 years ago. While there, she helped get the grants to dig the well at the park that is provides the town drinking water. She also supervised, designed and found funding for the current Mayfield Town Hall.

She said she wants to use her experience in project management and funding to continue to serve Mayfield the way she already has throughout her time as a resident in the town.

Wesley Coates               

Wesley Coates, a candidate for Mayfield Town Council, did not provide the Messenger with any information or a photo.