Sanpete now has three confirmed COVID-19 cases

Update to Sanpete COVID -19 cases


Sanpete now has three confirmed COVID-19 cases


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor



Sanpete County now has three confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Although the CUPHD did not narrow the location of the three Sanpete County cases, the Messenger received multiple reports that cases were from the Gunnison Valley. The three people were said to be related to a person in Sevier County who tested positive a few days ago.

The three cases brought the total for the Central Utah Public Health District to 17 as of Monday, according to public health officials. The counties in the district are Sanpete Sevier, Piute, Wayne, Juab and Millard.

According to reports received by the Messenger, as of Monday, the three individuals were experiencing mild symptoms and were quarantined at home.

“While we were able to identify the point of exposure for these cases, these cases highlight

the active nature of COVID-19 within our health district,” said Nate Selin, director of the Central Utah Public Health Department (CUPHD).

“As cases continue to increase, it is essential that our communities remain vigilant in their efforts to practice proper social distancing, take protective measures when in contact with others and to stay home when sick.”

Two of the three cases are individuals between the ages of 40-60, and one is between the ages of 18-25.

The CUPHD is currently contacting people who may have come into contact with the three individuals to advise those contacts to begin self-quarantine. CUPHD staff plans to monitor people who came into contact with the three confirmed cases for symptoms.

The CUPHD says they continue to encourage testing for individuals who have symptoms. Testing guidelines have been expanded, and anyone who exhibits even one of the following symptoms is asked to get tested for COVID-19. Symptoms include, fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches and pain, sore throat and loss of sense of taste or smell.

According to the CUPHD, if you are symptomatic, you should contact your medical provider or one of the COVID-19 hotlines to be referred for testing. The hotline numbers are (800) 456-7707 or (844) 442-5224.

“Testing for COVID-19 is the best method for limiting spread of the virus by quickly identifying confirmed individuals and having them isolate at home to ensure they don’t spread it to others,” Selin said. “If you are symptomatic in any way, it is important that you stay at home and be tested as soon as possible.”

Now the Central Utah Health District has 17 confirmed cases, and one hospitalization, as of Tuesday. Sanpete County has its three cases, Juab has four, Millard has 5, Sevier has five, and both Wayne and Piute still have zero.

The most up-to-date information can be found at coronavirus.utah.gov or centralutahpublichealth.org.