Scandinavian Festival spread over summer; first event is fireworks

Scandinavian Festival spread over summer; first event is fireworks


By Robert Green

Staff writer



EPHRAIM—Statewide restrictions on large gatherings has put on a big crimp on the Scandinavian Festival.

But festival organizers at Ephraim City Hall have not been dissuaded by the new coronavirus outbreak, and they came up with a new plan for 2020.

The festival has reshaped itself into a full summer of virtual events and socially-correct activities that is being called the Scandinavian Summer, said Ephraim City Manager Shaun Kjar.

The first event on the docket will be a full-fledged fireworks show on the night of May 22 at Ephraim’s North Sports Complex, Kjar said. The fireworks show is being held in conjunction with the Sanpete Valley high school graduations that are being held then.

The show is especially designed with aerial fireworks in mind so that people do not have to congregate at the sports complex. Residents should be able to see the show from their automobiles and even from their own patios, Kjar said. “We hope that people spread out a little bit and watch the show.”

Instead of being held over the Memorial Day weekend, many of the other traditional Scandinavian activities will be held each Saturday throughout the summer, said city recreation director Michael Patton. And other events, like the “Vikes on a Bike” race will be held virtually and participants will be able to download a free app and complete the race during the summer. The Scandanivian Summer’s finale will conclude on Aug. 1 with the big parade and closing ceremony.

Many events are still being organized and details are being worked out. Some things like organizing a virtual quilt show are still in a state of flux, Kjar said.

All activities for this year will be published at https://www.scandinaviansummer.org/. Check the website for updates. Local businesses are encouraged to get involved and sponsor an activity, Patton said.

Activities that are set to go for each Saturday, starting June 6, include the following.

June 6—Virtual cabin tours.

June 13—Axe Throwing tournament

June 20—Viking rain gutter regatta.

June 27—Pickleball tournament.

July 4—E-Sports tournament.

July 11—Food truck day.

July 18—Traditional Scandinavian yard games.

July 25—Pinewood Derby

Aug. 1—Closing ceremonies and parade.