Scandinavian summer approaching final events

Scandinavian summer approaching final events

Trap shoot over, coming up this Saturday is Pinewood derby




A sporting clays, skeet and trap shooting competition, held as part of Ephraim’s Scandinavian Summer, boasted a lot of great shooting and some stellar scores.

The event was hosted last weekend at the Trigger Therapy Shooting Range, south of Ephraim, and featured contestants from Ogden to St. George.

According to event sponsor, Richard Nielson, owner and shooting coach at Trigger Therapy, the weather was great, the participation was excellent and the local shooters performed well.

At Friday’s skeet shooting event with 27 contestants, Richard Nielson won a shoot off with a perfect score of 25 against Brent Peterson of Spring City and Jared Jensen of Richfield.

At the trap shooting event with 40 shooters, the overall winner was Paul Neimeyer of Richfield with a score of 49 out of 50. Other winners were Clint Cox, Jax Willden, Trayton Cox, Casey Carter, Troy Blain and Burt Oldroyd.

On Saturday, at the sporting clays with 47 shooters, the overall winner was Josh Noble and the runner-up was Scott Steere. Local winners were Jax Willden, Dave West, Lamar Barton, Bailey Busk from Richfield youth and Jaxon Anderson.

Next week, the Scandinavian Summer will move to one of its last, but favorite events of the season—the pinewood derby.

According to Michael Patton, Ephraim recreation director, the race will begin Saturday, July 25 at 6 p.m. at the Canyon View Park. He said that Registration is open until the time of the event. “We have kits available to all those that register,” he said. “Besides that, we will be handing out prizes to the winner of the race and to the person with the best design pinewood derby car.”

Manti Telephone is the sponsor for the pinewood derby and the company will be providing both the inclined race track as well as a grand prize. Registration can be found online or by calling 283-4631 ext. 5. Registration is $10. For all the info, visit https://www.scandinaviansummer.org/.