Shawn Crane back on Gunnison unexpired term

Shawn Crane back on Gunnison unexpired term

By Lloyd Call

Associate Publisher


Shawn Crane

GUNNISON—A Gunnison resident whose name is on the primary election ballot as a candidate for city council has joined the council before the election is concluded.

At a special meeting July 29, the Gunnison City Council appointed Shawn Crane, a former mayor of Fayette who served on the council two years ago, to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Michelle Smith, who has moved to Hurricane. Crane will complete Smith’s term, which runs until Dec. 31, 2021.

Because of the appointment, residents should not vote for Crane in the upcoming primary. However, the ballot includes 10 other candidates for the three four-year council positions.

Crane said, “I don’t have any agenda, I just want to make the best decisions I can for Gunnison.” He believes the top priorities for Gunnison City government should be running a lean budget and encouraging economic growth.

Crane came to Sanpete in 1987 to teach at the LDS seminary at Gunnison Valley High school. He initially lived in Fayette and became mayor of the town.

Later he moved to Gunnison. He retired from seminary in 2006 and moved to the ACT companies as human resource director.

He and his wife, Jan, have four boys: Courtney, Brady, Joey, and David. He has been a past president of the Gunnison Jaycees, and spent years coaching sports, such as little league football.