Snow football team resumes practice

Snow football team resumes practice


‘Player who passed out has been ‘medically cleared’




EPHRAIM—The Snow College Football team has resumed daily workouts this week after it suspended activities because an offensive player passed out in practice on Sept. 15.

According to Snow College Assistant to the President Marci Larsen, the player has been “medically cleared” to resume playing football. He passed out while taking part in the same workout as the rest of the team, she said.

The coaches and staff transported the player to the hospital, where he was monitored and released, she said. HIPAA and FERPA regulations do not allow further comment about the individual or his health, Larsen said.

Despite rumors flying around, there was nothing COVID-related about the incident, Larsen said. In fact, the team been spared from any COVID problems so far, she added.

She confirmed that an investigation has been completed and the team has taken recommendations to move forward and resume daily workouts.

Due to COVID-19, The Badger’s football season has been postponed until spring, Larsen said, and the team is preparing for the upcoming season.