Spencer Cox gets 28,000 signatures to earn place on Republican primary ballot

Abby Cox delivers more than 28,000 signatures to the Utah Elections Office for the Cox for Governor campaign. The signatures to put Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox on the Republican primary ballot for governor were gathered by a volunteer force of more than 500.


Spencer Cox gets 28,000 signatures to

earn place on Republican primary ballot


By Robert Stevens 

Managing editor



SALT LAKE CITY—Spencer Cox has beaten all other candidates submitting at least 28,000 signatures to earn a place on the Republican primary ballot.

On Monday, Cox’s wife Abby personally delivered the signatures to the Utah elections office.

“Spencer and I want to thank the most committed team of campaign volunteers in the state for attaining such a remarkable achievement,” stated Abby Cox. “We don’t have the same resources as other candidates, but we have always said no one will work harder than us. The reaction to our uniquely grassroots campaign is highly encouraging as we continue to campaign across all 248 Utah cities and towns.”

The Cox for Governor campaign chose to remain consistent with its grass roots approach and didn’t use a professional signature gathering company like some other candidates have done in the past. A volunteer force of more than 500 people, ranging from 18-92 years old, took 40 days beginning on Jan. 2 and gathered a total of 29,365 signatures.

The Cox campaign is not relying only on the signatures, however, and plans to participate in the state nominating convention this April as well.

“The last decade was the most prosperous period in Utah’s history, and as a consistent conservative I believe the next decade can be even better,” said Lt. Gov. Cox. “I look forward to articulating my vision for Utah’s future during a respectful and vigorous primary campaign with whoever qualifies for the ballot. Abby and I are all in for Utah.”

For more information regarding the Lt. Gov.’s campaign for governor, visit votecox.com.