SPONSORED: Judy and Gene Chantry love life as much as making copies

Judy and Gene Chantry love life as much as making copies


Gene operating one of Kopy Katz copiers, although he doesn’t work at the store now, just delivers orders and does “other stuff.”

Stop by Kopy Katz Printing in Ephraim just about any time and you’ll see owner Judy Chantry hard at work. That’s because Judy believes in personal, friendly service and treats every customer accordingly.

“We appreciate everyone who comes through our front door and at times they will apologize for not getting very many copies, or not placing a large order, “ Judy says. “It doesn’t matter how big or small an order is because, at the end of the day, it all adds up to being able to keep our business alive and to continue our service to the community.”

Variety of services

      Kopy Katz offers such a variety of services and products it could make your head spin. Often, they can provide higher quality services at a better price than the bigger print shops “up north.”

“We try to treat each customer with care and do whatever is necessary to meet their demands,” Judy says.

Along with standard copies (both black and white and color), Kopy Katz offers flyers, business cards, poster prints, large-format printing  withprinting capacity up to 36 inches wide (such as for blueprints), along with spiral binding, laminating and folding.

They can also print ward directories, church newsletters, booklets, envelopes, labels, family histories, cookbooks, gift certificates and NCR Forms (no carbon required). They can even cut the spines off of books like lesson manuals and spiral bind them, Judy says.

Quick turnaround

      At Kopy Katz, they have a production machine that handles thousands of copies. In fact, they ran over one million copies on their printer last year. Everything can be printed from a flash drive, CD or from an email you send to them.

“All of our orders are ‘special orders,’ and the turnaround time is usually within 24 hours unless it is over 10,000 copies, or if we have a lot of orders to complete.  If it will take longer than normal, we tell the customer of our limitations and when to expect the job to be completed,” Judy says.

Along with printing services, Kopy Katz provides faxing and some simple design work if you don’t have exactly what you want in hand. The store also offers Fed Ex shipping with pick up daily at 3 p.m.

Wanted to work together

      Judy and her husband Gene got into the printing business 10 years ago after the company she was working for decided to downsize. The couple decided that in order to spend any time together they should find something locally that they could do. Sanpete Messenger publisher Suzanne Dean was selling the printing side of her business and helped the pair get going.

However, these days, Gene doesn’t work at the store.

“He claims I fired him, but the fact is that he cannot handle the stress like I do. I have been in stressful situations all of my working life so it doesn’t bother me,” Judy says. “But I think he likes to be “fired” because he is pursuing other interests.”

Judy has two part-time employees who are college students  and who, she says, are smart and have picked up the processes that pertain to the pri

Larry Nielson of Ephraim enjoys dropping in just to visit the Chantrys, even when he isn’t making copies!

nting business. They are also friendly and are “willing to do whatever is necessary so that we can all be successful,” she says.

Judy and her employees pride the

mselves on their work, and if they see something is not quite right with an order they will fix it for the customer. They’re also more concerned about the customer getting good value than the Almighty Buck.

Many times, if they can see that the customer might be just as happy with printing on plain paper instead of glossy paper or cardstock, they recommend that. They also may suggest that a flyer be printed in black and white on a bright color paper, rather than a color print on white paper.