SPONSORED: Michele at Guinevere’s Bake Shop does creative cakes and ‘man bouquets’

SPONSORED: Michele at Guinevere’s Bake Shop does creative cakes and ‘man bouquets’



Popular now are “man bouquets,” edible gifts just for men!

    FOUNTAIN Green—You can buy a cake from just about any grocery story or whip one up from a mix yourself, but if you’re looking for something truly special, Michele Green of Guinevere’s Bake Shop in Fountain Green can bring your vision to life.

      Some of the cakes Michele has done are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Check out the birch bark cake, a wedding cake that looks just like a tree with the couple’s initials carved into it, and others Michele has done on her Facebook page (Michele Green, Guinevere Bake Shop), for example. And how many cake decorators do you know who can take a 4-year-olds’ drawing and transform it into a cake as Michele did recently for her niece?

      Michele got her start when she designed and made her sister’s wedding cake more than 35 years ago with basic skills taught to her by her mother. Since that time she has honed her craft, keeping up-to-date on the newest techniques and latest trends.

      She had to take a break from cake decorating when she moved to Fountain Green in 2005 because the home she rented did not facilitate a cake business. These days she has a kitchen specially designed for her business in her home and, with the encouragement of her husband Daniel, for the last year or so has decided to pursue her passion. Since that time they have advertised the business on Facebook and in the Sanpete Messenger and have seen great results.

      The trend Michele sees most right now is a return to simplicity. Some couples who are getting married want what are called “naked cakes,”—essentially cakes that have just a first layer of icing designed to capture crumbs before the second layer is put on. While it’s not Michele’s taste—she feels the cakes need more finishing—she is happy to fulfill any request.

      Another trend is black and white ‘photos’ encircling a cake. Michele can print any photo you’d like (including color if you prefer) using edible ink on edible icing sheets.

      One trend Michele is excited about is geode cakes: brightly colored and sculptured to look like geodes. She hasn’t had any orders for one so far, but she did try one out that you can view on her Facebook page.

      While she began with wedding cakes, and that is still her most-requested item, Michele can do cakes for any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms and baby showers.

      Fillings and flavors can be anything the clients request. Red velvet is very popular, but Michele also shares her grandmother’s special hummingbird cake recipe, along with more common flavors.

Michele begins to make finishing touches for a new cake.

      She also offers what she calls “Man Bouquets” – bouquets that look like flowers but are actually made up of things most any man loves to eat: bacon, cheese and bacon-wrapped treats—“all the things that make a man unhealthy,” Michele says.

      Michele also does special occasion candies, doggie treats and even doggie cakes for those who want to celebrate a much-loved pet’s special occasion. Currently she is experimenting with ideas for Super Bowl bouquets, haunted house cakes and gingerbread houses.

      While her prices are competitive, “people are paying for my art, not cake,” Michele says. “You can go anywhere and buy a cake for ten bucks but what I do is art.”

      Michele can turn around a wedding cake order in as little as three days if she needs to but prefers to have at least two week’s notice if possible. For cakes for other occasions and other items, just a couple of days is fine, she says.

                So for something that is sure to wow and delight you, your guests and the people whose special occasion you’re celebrating, give Michele a call today at 435-262-0796