SPONSORED POST: Accurate Mobile Mix Concrete is a versatile solution, big jobs or small

The 40-foot conveyor on this rear discharge mixer makes it easy to reach pouring locations that are out of reach for most other mixers.

CHESTER—Shad Hardy, owner of Accurate Mobile Mix Concrete, had a dream for a many years—offering the best, most versatile concrete products  in Sanpete County.

And that dream has been realized now for seven years.

Shad grew up in Mesquite, Nevada, and worked as a concrete dispatcher for Western Rock in St. George, and Rinker Material in Las Vegas. He met his wife Mindy at Dixie College, and they now have three children, Ty, Olivia and Gavin. The family now lives in Spring City.

As Shad went through various jobs, he and his wife looked for the best place to raise their children, and that’s what brought them to Sanpete.

After the dispatching job in St. George, Shad worked in Las Vegas for Nevada Power, but “got tired of being in an office.” He had the knack and desire to work with concrete, and picked up a special kind of truck called a mobile mixer, where the rock, sand, cement and water are not mixed until the truck gets on site. This means he can drive further distances (even into the mountains), mix the concrete and pour it while it is fresh.

There are only about a half-dozen such mixing trucks in Utah, he notes. In 2014, during his first year in business, he was getting more and more work every month.

In 2015, he started hiring employees, and now he has five mixers, including a rear-discharge mixer with a 40-foot conveyor, the only one in Utah.

The advantage of all these concrete mixers is versatility and lower prices for customers.

Suppose you have limited access to your site. Perhaps it is a narrow lot. The 40-foot conveyor mixer can get concrete to those hard-to-reach places. Other mixers in the fleet can fill in the rest of the spots. And if you need a little more to finish up, the mobile mixer is there to finish the job.

“We had a turkey grower who needed concrete poured inside a turkey barn, and with our conveyor truck, we were able to reach in where other trucks could not,” he says. 

One of Shad’s experienced drivers pours concrete into the foundation wall of a home in Fountain Green.

Shad also doesn’t charge for a minimum batch, such as the 5-yard minimum other concrete companies require. One of his mottos is “Big or small, we do it all.” Customers pay for just what they use, and don’t pay a premium price for small amounts, either. He will also deliver to adjacent counties, such as Nephi (Juab) or Richfield (Sevier).

“Our goal is to provide unique concrete solutions to our customers,” Shad says. If you want your concrete colored for special landscaping, he can add pigment to the concrete for just the look you want.

Shad also purchased much of the equipment from an operation in Colorado enabling him to set up a stationary batch plant near Chester. He can now mix up 200 yards of concrete per hour, which gives him the capacity to handle several jobs at once. For example, most houses need 30 yards for footings, and maybe another 30-80 yards for walls, driveways etc.

“We have a good, long production season, he says.

It all adds up to the best tools for the best job, and that means customers get just what they want. You’ll see Shad’s trucks all over Sanpete.

“I like helping people pour their dreams,” he says.

Accurate Mobile Mix Concrete’s phone numbers is 462-4683.