Spring City brings on Wes Mangum as city attorney

Wes Mangum


Spring City brings on Wes Mangum as city attorney


By Rhett Wilkinson

Staff writer



SPRING CITY—“It’s time to hire a city attorney,” Spring City Mayor Cynthia DeGrey declared at the Thursday, Aug. 6 council meeting.

“[I] just feel like we need somebody we can rely on,” she said.

That somebody will be Wes Mangum, who already does work for towns including Centerfield, Fayette, Mayfield and Mt. Pleasant, DeGrey said. Mangum is also the deputy attorney for Sanpete County.

After deliberating, the council voted to hire Mangum, paying him an hourly rate. The council decided to pay Mangum per-hour instead of a retainer or four hours per month.

Mangum is an “honest, efficient guy,” said Councilman Cody Harmer, stating that he knows Mangum “fairly well.”

“[I] would be completely OK with paying him by the hour,” Harmer said. “That way, if we don’t need him at all for a month, then we don’t pay anything for a month. Let’s just pay what we need.”

Councilman Chris Anderson said that the council could revisit how Mangum is paid.

Councilman Paul Penrod said while “[it] sounds like he has a good reputation,” he wondered if the city had the funds to pay him.

The city would have to find it, DeGrey said.

Harmer said “I say we go through [the Utah League of Cities and Towns] first whenever we can … and use Wes as a backup to that.”