Spring City makes $10K donation to Sanpete Pantry

Spring City makes $10K donation to Sanpete Pantry


By Rhett Wilkinson

Staff writer



The $10,000 check Spring City gave to the Sanpete Pantry is the most generous in recent memory, according to Jeff Jarman, executive director of the pantry.

“No one has been able to make that kind of a donation,” said Cynthia DeGrey, mayor of Spring City.

The city gave the pantry the check on Monday, Dec. 14. It comes from money the city had received by virtue of the CARES Act.

“I’m just glad that we had that money available that we could make that kind of donation to them,” DeGrey said. “Ten thousand dollars, [the pantry] said that should go a long way to helping a number of families.”

Jarman was grateful for the donation.

“It’s most helpful. Especially this time of year and with COVID,” Jarman said. “We will use the money to keep the doors open and for our operating expenses.”

            DeGrey and the city council looked to the Six County Association of Governments for “some guidance” on what were appropriate uses of the money. It suggested donating to the Sanpete Pantry, DeGrey said.

“That one caught my attention and when I presented it to the council, they felt like I did; they felt like it was a very worthwhile way to spend that money,” DeGrey said. “They were supportive of that as well. We were all thinking that would be a good use of those funds.

“It’s pretty exciting to be able to take some of our CARES money and donate to something that will benefit the residents of our community and the north Sanpete area. A lot of people are hurting this year and they need assistance and I think it’s a very worthwhile use of that money to be able to make that donation to them.”

DeGrey was glad that the city could provide the funds at Christmastime, to help families have a little nicer Christmas dinner or some food in their pantry.