Spring City promoting Quarters for Christmas instead of city party

Owen Hogle pours some of the coins he has been collecting all year into the KSL Quarters for Christmas collection jar at City Hall in Spring City. The town is having a donation drop-off and pot luck dinner Dec. 2.


Spring City promoting Quarters

for Christmas instead of city party


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor

Nov. 16, 2017


SPRING CITY—Many of us have a change jar where we put the coins from our pockets at the end of the day. Generally, it just sits there until it’s full and we take it to the bank or local coin conversion machine. This year, how about doing something good with that change instead?

In Spring City, they’ve decided to forego a community Christmas party this year and will instead donate those funds to the KSL Quarters for Christmas campaign. They’ve invited all of the residents of Sanpete to join in the effort.

The idea came to City Event Planner Yvonne Wright last year just after the community Christmas party as she was already brainstorming about what to do this year.

‘Wouldn’t it be an even better thing if we were helping others, as well as having a party?’ I thought,” Wright said.

City leaders gave Wright the go-ahead when she presented it to them in January, and she has been promoting it ever since. All year long, there’s been a can on the counter at City Hall, along with cans at the fireman’s breakfast, where people can drop in their spare change.

Wright has also challenged community groups including organizations such as Friends of Historic Spring City, Spring City Arts Council, First Southern Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant and all the Spring City LDS wards to participate in the fundraiser.

The charity Wright chose was KSL’s Quarters for Christmas because all the money raised will go to buy shoes, clothing and coats for local Sanpete children. She also thought it would be fun for Santa Claus to arrive on Chopper 5 with KSL representatives for a community potluck brunch they’re holding in place of the normal Christmas party.

Before the brunch, those KSL representatives will be presented with a $500 check (the amount originally budgeted for the party) from the city, along with what Wright hopes are many donations from community groups and individuals.

Owen Hogle, who has been socking away his spare change since January and had more than 16 pounds of coinage recently, will be one of the first in line.

Everyone in Sanpete is invited to bring their donations and enjoy the potluck dinner. (Make sure to bring a dish or it could be some slim pickings, Wright said).

“I figured if we’re going to help kids throughout the county, why not get everyone involved?” Wright said.

The potluck brunch and community donation will be held on Saturday, Dec. 2 in the Old School Community Center. While that date is coming up fast, it’s not too late to empty out your pockets, purses, even your couches to come ready with a fistful of coins to make winter a little cozier for some Sanpete County kids.