Sterling looking at upgrading computers

Sterling looking at upgrading computers



By Dyna Folkersen

Staff writer



STERLING—The town of Sterling will be adding new computers and revamping their website to better connect with its residents.

The town council discussed buying new computers at a meeting last week.

Sterling is currently only running off a half of a computer. This led the council to contract with JA Dynamic Integrations of Fairview for one network that stores all necessary information on one computer and another Windows 10 Pro i5 computer, which will be used as a work station.

“The cost was only $1,925 for both computers,” Councilman Justin Alder said. “We will get the network all set up and ready to go for an additional $785.”

“Oh! And I did chase some bears today,” he added. “I saw two to three bear cubs up Willow Creek last Saturday [April 18].”

Mayor Randall Cox wanted to know more.

The computers are important to Sterling because people are coming to councilmember’s houses looking for things like forms, building applications, planning and zoning requirements, subdivision ordinances and notices.

“We also need to revamp our website to include those forms and notices,” Mayor Cox said. “It’ll make it easier for people to know what’s going on.”

The council also spoke of a community board, to be placed at the Community Center, which would include all of the above forms and notices.

“I’ve had a lot of the contractors say they’ve looked online or came to our community building and nothing is there,” said Planning and Zoning Chairman Zeb Wignall.

The council also discussed holding a public hearing to do away with the buffer zone which is half a mile outside of city limits and put in an agricultural buffer zone to be used for farming.

“We need to type up a letter requesting that happens and take it to the county,” Councilman Kendall Voorhees said.

“Well what if there’s someone buying a piece of property and they want to build on it and we wreck their plans,” Councilman Doug Ludvigson said.

“John Mogle came the other day and took an application for a subdivision off of Highway 89,” Wignall said. “He claimed it would be down here below the subdivision he did before.”

“Well he’ll need roads and water lines,” Mayor Cox said.

Right now there is no culinary water hookup outside of city limits. Mogle would have to be annexed in and go through the state planning and zoning committee.

“He’s going to need a certificate or letter from the State of Utah saying that they have access off of 89 to do this subdivision and a UDOT access permit,” Voorhees said.

All ground a half a mile outside of city limits would be zoned agricultural.

“Every town has a buffer zone and Sterling wants to do away with our buffer zone where all the ground would become agricultural,” Voorhees said

“I think everyone’s in kind of agreement. We want to do away with the buffer zone,” Wignall said. “I think we should tell the town before we put it out to the county.”

“We’ve been playing this game for two years and enough is enough,” Ludvigson said.

“We should do it right the first time or are we going to go against our town attorney’s suggestion?” Councilwoman Yvonne Larsen said.

“Well it’s up to planning and zoning and it is going to have to go before Sanpete County Planning and Zoning along with all the steps that it needs to go through,” Voorhees said. “It could take several months, it could take a year, but there are proper channels and things it needs to go through before it ever becomes official. Right now we’re just in the beginning stages.”

“We need to hold a public hearing for the buffer zone,” Wignall said. “Maybe we could notify people in our water bill. Let the county know and tell anybody trying to build or buy property that that’s the route we are headed.”

“But we should absolutely let the town know first before we put it out to the county,” Wignall added.

In other business, water-master Wade Anderson resigned from holding the water position for the town of Sterling.

“I will still sample water through the end of this month, but other opportunities have arisen for me,’’ Anderson said.

“We appreciate what you’ve done for us. I hate to see you go,” Mayor Cox said.

Long-time resident and former councilmember Scott Johnson was also at the meeting and offered to take the position to serve his community.

“I’m not looking for a part time job, but I have been thinking about the water.” Johnson said. “I’ve been up looking at the springs and I was just wondering how that’s going. I’ve been on the city council a couple of times so I know what it entails.”

The council will put it on their next meeting’s agenda.

“We’d be glad to have you,” Mayor Cox said.