Storyteller will share origins of Santa Claus

Storyteller will share

origins of Santa Claus


By Lyle Fletcher

Staff writer

Dec. 14, 2017


Some people wonder about how jolly old St. Nicholas became Santa Claus.

Well, Terrel R. Davis of Ephraim has plenty to tell about this.

He will be giving a free one-man show called “Stories of St. Nicholas—The Man Who Became Santa Claus” for those who wonder.

The show will be performed twice this week, and seating is limited so RSVP at 835-3151 for the 5:30 p.m. Saturday performance in Manti at Correnti’s Event and Floral (1 N. Main) or RSVP at 851-7761 for the 6:30 p.m. Sunday show in Ephraim at Thunderbird Book/Tilted Tulip (77 S. Main).

Davis says, “The truth is, St. Nicholas was a real person, a powerful and good man that did a great work in the early (Christian) church.”

The real St. Nicholas was born in what is now Turkey in the third century A.D. He was orphaned as a child and then lived with his uncle at the local monastery.

When he was older, he traveled to the Holy Land and lived there in a monastery for a time before becoming bishop of Myra and enduring persecution as a Christian.

Davis adds, “Those who love people and Christmas”—Santa’s elves—do much of Santa’s work today.