The Mystery Gods

Letters to the editor:

The Mystery Gods



Jews reject the godhood of Jesus, while his chosen apostles and eye witnesses unequivocally asserted his immaculate conception and incarnation in the flesh (mortality). Meanwhile the evolutionary Christian church adopted/co-opted an extremely convoluted, complex and mystical monotheistic orthodoxy to explain how Jesus, the “sinless” Son of Man performed miracles and taught “the way, the truth and the life;” then after being betrayed, condemned and crucified, rose the third day from the tomb, the resurrected Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

To Islamists, Jesus is revered as only a great prophet in a long line of righteous men called by Allah (“God be praised”) in which Mohammad is the last and therefore, most important prophet, and the final authority/arbitrator of God’s holy word/ultimatum to mankind before “the great and terrible” Judgment Day!

Noteworthy, pure ethnic Arabs (Sunnis) are, in fact, of the same ancestral lineage of Abraham, albeit a different branch of descent, claiming in the Quran that the Biblical “birthright” son, Jacob, was a cunning usurper/deceiver who changed his name to Israel (God’s Warrior), but whose way ward posterity via his conspiratorial/murderous sons from the beginning (selling their younger brother, Joseph, into slavery), continued to prove themselves habitually unfaithful to God as evidenced in their own recorded Old Testament history, demonstrating up to the present day beyond doubt to devout Islamists, that their ancient progenitor Ishmael, was and still is the venerated Patriarch Abraham’s “rightful” and literal first born son of “the Covenant” through his first wife, Hagar.

Be as it may appear or gets construed, fact is, the Quran is primarily based on a Biblical/historical context, although its adherents proclaim it to be a true reformation of God’s Holy Word revealed to their prophet by the angel Gabriel whom the Gospel writers were first to claim, visited the Holy Mother of Jesus and her cousin, Elizabeth, who bare John, known as the Baptist in their New Testament accounts. Anyway to Muslims (one who submits), Muhammad’s revelations were given by this same angel from God to help convert ‘all’ faithful people in the world regardless of their race, religion or beliefs and customs in order to become one brotherhood united in true worship of Allah, defending this pure religion restored at all costs against God’s enemies or infidels (unbelievers) through Jihad or Holy War until the end of the world when Islam, meaning “submission/surrender to God,” will ultimately prevail among men.

Even though the followers of the ‘prophet’ Jesus, testified/wrote that he proclaimed himself Jehovah-God, the Quran explicitly denies Christ’s divinity and atoning sacrifice for the salvation and redemption of mankind, even though he is still highly regarded as a great prophet. Nevertheless, the Muslim’s holy book contradicts, reinterprets, reconstructs and virtually supplants the scriptural authenticity/historicity, genealogy, prophecy and revelation, moral authority and spiritual/social laws of God as contained in the Bible.

Folks, if Jesus proves to be Jehovah, who is “Allah Be Praised?”

Leland “Utah Rowdy” Yates
Brigham City/Harper Ward



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