Report from Legislature – Strengthening education main goal

Report from the Legislature
Strengthening education will be main goal for legislature


Ralph Okerlund

Senator District 24



Amongst the many concerns and pressures felt by the legislators this General Session, our priority is this: By 2025, it is estimated that the entire civilian population in Utah will double, and the state government must prepare for that increase. One of the important ways to do so is through strengthening our state’s public education. Despite Utah being fifth in the nation for percentage of our state budget spent on education, we must improve funding for our teachers, our school programs, and our children. These kids are the future of Utah, and we must treat them as such. Among other preparations we will need to focus on, our eyes are on Utah’s water supplies, transportation, fuel and power, and pollution reduction.


There is also reasonable concern for the slow economic development of our rural communities. This legislative session, I am working to provide coordination opportunities between private and public entities to create job opportunities and overall economic stimulation. I desire that the people of rural Utah will have success in supporting their families and overall well-being through work opportunities and business growth.


We will be watching closely what happens with the new Trump administration this year. With his inauguration so fresh, we have yet to comprehend what relation this administration will have with Utah and its policies. Until then, your state legislatures will do all they can to respond to the needs of our communities, and pass laws to assist with our expanding state.