The virus impact at a glance

The virus impact at a glance



First, some terms

      Coronavirus: A family of viruses that can infect people and animals. They can cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to severe diseases such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome).

      Novel or new coronavirus: The term being used for the virus that has caused the current pandemic.

      COVID-19: The disease caused by the novel coronavirus. People infected by the new coronavirus are said to be suffering from COVID-19.

Impacts on Sanpete County

      Public schools: Like schools throughout the state, the 15 schools in Sanpete County have been dismissed until March 27. Teachers were given two days, Monday and Tuesday, to prepare lessons students could do at home Wednesday through Friday. Both school districts in the county will be on spring break next week.

After the two weeks, the state will evaluate whether to extend the dismissal. Sack lunches will continue to be distributed in students’ home communities.

      Snow College: Most classes are cancelled this week. Spring break will be observed next week. From March 30 to April 29, the college will transition to online instruction. Student housing and the library will remain open, and food service will continue. Students have the option of remaining on campus or going home to be with their families while completing the semester on line.

      Churches: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has suspended or postponed all meetings. The April general conference on April 4-5 will be broadcast on KBYU and live-streamed on the church website. Temples are closed to proxy ordinances. Live ordinances will be performed by appointment.

The Ephraim Church of the Bible will stream its services. The Manti Baptist Church will suspend meetings. The First Southern Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant will continue to meet.

      Hospitals: Visitors are no longer permitted; only people seeking care for themselves should enter hospitals. If you believe you are experience COVID-19 symptoms, call one of the hospitals to arrange a test.

      Local government: Manti, Ephraim, Fairview, Sterling, Mt. Pleasant and Fountain Green are closing their offices for two weeks. Other cities remain open or the Messenger was unable to confirm their status.

                Courts: The Utah Supreme Court has directed that court hearings,, particularly for people being held in jail, will be held as scheduled either in person or by teleconference.