The world gone crazy

Columnist Corrie Lynne Player


The world gone crazy


My husband, Gary and I sold our big house in April and moved into a comfortable walk-in basement apartment at the behest of our children. They wanted us to “relax and enjoy your sunset years.”

We contemplated spending the summer driving around to connect with our beloved children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. COVID-19 has defeated those plans. We’ve watched in horror as videos of “peaceful demonstrations” revealed out of control looting, vandalism and the trashing of honored monuments.

I can scarcely take in the stupidity and evil that seems to grip our nation—not as much in Utah, thank goodness, although the mayor of Salt Lake had to bring in the National Guard to quell those who saw a great opportunity to destroy businesses and take employment away from innocent people.

We can’t rewrite history. Events in our past happened and no amount of vandalism will change events in that past. As the president of Southern Utah University said to peaceful demonstrators on Main Street in Cedar City, “Only love will change hate. Hate can’t change hate.” There are so many positive steps for people to take to change our future. None of those involve burning courthouses or looting businesses. I’ve heard so much vitriol that I only check the news once a day for a few minutes. I’d rather focus on what’s right with the world.

There have been angry movements to erase the good and God-directed action, literally miracles, that made this country the first of its kind on the face of the earth. Our constitution became a model for other countries to form their own free governments. It was formed by prayerful, strong men (and women) who dedicated their lives and their wealth to the cause of independence from England, the most powerful military in the world. When I look at modern history books, I wonder why the miracles that enabled the American patriots to defeat the English are missing.

As we study the Scriptures each day and pray about what we read, we can each come to our own conclusions. I realize that some of my family and friends don’t agree with me, and that’s OK. We each have Free Agency, a gift from our Creator. We are all free to form our own opinions. But we can’t and shouldn’t try to enforce our opinions on other people, even those we love. That being said, there still exists right and wrong in this fallen world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could enjoy peace and prosperity all the time? We can only cling to our Savior who sacrificed his life and bore every sorrow so that we wouldn’t have to suffer if we would repent and keep our covenants. Repentance doesn’t mean we won’t face trials or suffer. But we can be at peace amidst warring factions as we accept Jesus Christ’s atonement.