There was no fraud, now community needs to come together

Letters to the editor:

There was no fraud, now community needs to come together




There was no election fraud! Months before the election, Donald Trump, knowing he very well might lose, planted seeds of doubt and fear into the minds of his supporters, telling them that the election would be “rigged” or fraudulent, which opened a path for conspiracy theories and theories about election fraud to run rampant on social media.

Months before this election, every election official in this country knew that the results of this election would be scrutinized to the “nth degree,” especially if Trump didn’t win in their state. Every election official worked extra hard to make sure this election was secure.

Christopher Krebs, head of the federal government’s cyber security agency that helped oversee the election said that the 2020 election was “the most secure in American history” and he also debunked the conspiracy theories that were traveling around.  He assured the public that the election was “secure and reliable.” Trump promptly fired him.

Trump has a great problem with the truth, both in telling it and accepting it. (Fact checkers have been overworked during the last four years.)

It’s an insult to the election officials everywhere to accuse them of fraud and mishandling of the election. It also puts a strain on the ability of our government to function as it should. Thankfully, election results in every state where they’ve been questioned are gradually being exonerated.

Thanks to Donald Trump, great care was taken to make sure this election was incredibly secure. There was no fraud. It’s time to move forward with faith, hope and confidence.

I’m not a socialist, and I’m definitely not a communist. I’m an American just like most of you are, and I love this country dearly just as you do. In General Conference, Elder Melvin Ballard of the Council of the Twelve asked us to pray for our country and its leaders because we are at a “critical crossroad” in our country.

I pray every day that eyes will be opened and hearts softened. We are all so much more alike than we are different. We have similar desires for our families. We need each other. Please, we need to set aside our differences and work together to take care of the problems in our country, and we can do that by working together, side by side, with love and respect for one another.

With great faith, hope and love for our beloved country and a bright future for all.

Ann Gardner


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