Why are we celebrating the birth of Jesus in December

Letters to the editor:

Why are we celebrating the birth of Jesus in December




Why Are We Celebrating the Birth of Jesus in December?

While the preceding question is a good one, it is somewhat rhetorical and academic and can only be answered through historical research.  The real question should be, “Are we celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ daily”.

We live in a world that is incrementally marginalizing Jesus Christ.  Even during Christmas, the world at large is striving to replace Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays.  The less we “Hear Him” and “See Him” in our lives, the greater we risk becoming casual in our covenants and worship of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Let’s improve!  Let’s be better by doing better.

Christmas is a wonderful time to “Hear Him” and “See Him.”  Consider the following refrain from the classic country song “I Saw God Today” from George Strait (aka the King of Country Music).

I’ve been to church
I’ve read the book
I know He’s here
But I don’t look
Near as often as I should

Now read the next refrain and let us commit to be better by doing better.

Yeah, I know I should

His fingerprints are everywhere
I just look down to stop and stare
Open my eyes and then I swear
I saw God today

We invite you to slow life down so you can “Hear Him” and “See Him” daily in your life.

We, the Gunnison Stake Presidency, testify of the reality of the birth of Jesus Christ, His perfect life, and His resurrection.  He sits on the right hand of God and in a coming day for each and every one of us he will be our mediator.

Oh, by the way, Presidents Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. Kimball, and Gordon B. Hinckley declared through modern revelation the birth of Jesus was on April 6.


We love you,

The Gunnison Stake Presidency



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