‘Tire slasher’ culprit still on the loose

‘Tire slasher’ culprit still on the loose


Suzanne Dean





EPHRAIM — Ephraim police are still trying to identify the person who has been randomly slashing tires on parked cars around the community.

The incidents started in fall of 2015, stopped for a while, and began again after school started this fall. Altogether, more than 60 vehicles have been hit.

The culprit jabs a sharp instrument into the sidewalls of tires, flattening and ruining them, according to Police Chief Ron Rasmussen. The majority of cases have been on the east side of town within a few blocks of Snow College.

In September, Ephraim City combined an offer of $300 with $200 from Snow College to create a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest.

But, Rasmussen said, the very day the reward was announced, the slasher hit again, puncturing a tire on a car parked near the Greenwood Center.

The police chief believes the case was the slasher’s way of thumbing his or her nose at authorities and sending the message that they weren’t going to stop him or her.

During October, two more cars, both parked on 200 South near 250 East, were hit. Each had two tires slashed.

Rasmussen said a couple of cars have been parked on private property at the time tires were vandalized, but most vehicles suffering tire damage have been parked on public streets.

The $500 reward is still in force. If you have information, call the Ephraim Police Department during business hours at (435) 283-4602 or the Sanpete County Sheriff’s information line any time at (435) 835-2345.