Trailers, car are stolen in Sanpete County


This 24-foot enclosed Ruthless Motor Sports trailer was stolen from Big Pine Sports in Fairview on Wednesday night. This is the second such crime reported in Sanpete County in the last month.


Trailers, car are stolen

in Sanpete County


Two trailers recovered: one intact, one stripped ;car still missing 


By Marcy Curtis

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FAIRVIEW—Thieves have reportedly stolen a couple of valuable enclosed trailers and an unlocked car in Sanpete County during the last month.

The most recent victim was Jared Livingston, owner of Big Pine Sports in Fairview, who found out that his big 24-foot enclosed Ruthless Motor Sports trailer had been stolen on Wednesday night.

“I don’t think that it’s the same persons doing it all,” said Livingston. “I would dare bet that they are all within the same group of people though.”

The theft was reported Thursday when employees of Big Pine showed up for work and noticed the trailer was not in its usual parking spot. Upon reviewing the security cameras, it was discovered the trailer was stolen at 10:46 p.m. on Wednesday night.

“The truck circles the block several times before finally pulling into the storage units,” said Livingston. “They then proceed to back right on in there. A passenger got out and walked to the back of the truck and then the driver does the same thing a short time later. It took them roughly eight minutes to get it all hooked up.”

Livingston took to Facebook early Thursday morning asking his followers to share the surveillance video and help him find his trailer. He assumed that it was on its way to Las Vegas, stripped of all the stickers and gone for good.

Shortly after the Facebook posting, a resident found the trailer ditched on the side of the road above the Indianola Fire Station.

Livingston was thrilled that it was found with no damage. On a live Facebook video, Livingston offered a deal for the people involved in taking his trailer. If they would come talk to him in person, he would not file any charges.

“This nonsense in Sanpete County needs to stop now and it’s going to stop with you,” said Livingston.

In a similar incident one week earlier, an enclosed trailer owned by Shaun Layton was stolen from a job sight just north of Ephraim. His trailer, loaded with over $10,000 in tools and equipment, was recovered two days later off the side of the road in Mayfield. All the valuables were cleaned out and the trailer was trashed.

“We really hope whoever did this is caught,” said Amanda Layton. “People really suck sometimes; and we feel like the thefts all have a connection.”

Fairview City Police Chief Steve Gray stated that both trailer thefts are being investigated and there is a strong possibility they are connected.

“We are starting to see our small communities getting hit harder,” said Gray. “Things are definitely changing and people need to be better at taking keys and valuables out of their vehicles, locking doors and even locking up their trailer hitches.”

Earlier in the month a car was stolen right out of the Karl Kelley’s driveway in Fairview, Gray said. His car has yet to be found, but there are some solid leads. This was a case of unlocked vehicle with keys left inside, he said.

If anyone has any information on any of the thefts mentioned, please contact Gray at 427-3858.