Two solos combine for contrast in Art Center display

Peter Everett Fence


Two solos combine for

contrast in Art Center display


By Lyle Fletcher

Staff writer

Feb. 8, 2018


EPHRAIM—Granary Art Center in Ephraim will be hosting two three-month solo exhibitions with an opening reception tomorrow night.

Artist Peter Everett’s exhibition is entitled “Dark Attractor” and runs through May 11.    The exhibition of artist Elizabeth M. Claffey is called “Matrilinear” and also continues until May 11.

The opening reception for both solo exhibitions will be tomorrow from 6-8 p.m. at Granary Art Center (86 N. Main).

“Everett is interested in forms that have an immediate visual power, a physicality and sense of urgency emerging from a place just beyond sight,” states Granary’s website (granaryartcenter.org).

His art hints at what be described as a “parallel reality” in what he sees between sleeping and waking or while meditating, something both “familiar and strange.”

The website adds, “It is from this elusive locus, situated between stillness and movement, that Everett explores the contradictions of what is seen and unseen.”

In contrast, Claffey’s series of works explores memory, relationships and identity in what is passed down the generations, such as “family folklore, ritual and mnemonic objects.”        Her photographs and stitchings explore the practices, keepsakes and physical remnants that, in part, make up the stories and memories shared, representing and illustrating the influence and meaning of women in our lives.

The opening reception and exhibitions are free and open to the public.