Wales getting bids for city well, considers buying additional adjacent property as well

Wales getting bids for city well, considers buying additional adjacent property as well


Daniela Vazquez

Staff writer




WALES—The Wales Town Council met on Nov. 1 to discuss the development of a new water well.

Wales Town Mayor Keith Jensen was not at the meeting, so Councilmember Byron Davis acted as mayor pro tem in his absence.

The Utah Drinking Water Board approved the plans the town submitted to develop the much-needed water well, and the town began advertising for bids to construct the well on Oct. 31, which are set to run until Monday.

A public hearing regarding the funding for the new well was held before the commencement of the regular town council meeting, but because no residents attended the meeting, the town moved forward with the plans.

During the meeting, the council had a discussion about whether or not to purchase the piece of property adjacent to the property that holds the current well because the land is in a Drinking Water Source Protection area.

Drinking Water Source Protection Plans are the primary means for public water systems to protect their clean water from any form of contamination.

“Technically, we don’t need the property to drill a well if they drill inside the fenced area,” Justin Atkinson, Sunrise Engineering representative said. “To eliminate any future conflict with building [in the protected area], it may be in the best interest of the city to purchase the property.”

The town included the $20,000 it would cost to purchase the land in the budget approved to develop the new well.

Councilman Byron Davis discussed the option to purchase the property before the town receives the $253,000 in funding from the water board to build the well.

If they purchase the property, the town will be reimbursed through the water board funding because it has been approved as an eligible expense by the water board.

The council agreed to wait on moving forward with purchasing the property until the next council meeting when the mayor can be present.

The Chair and Co-Chair of the Fair Board Committee, Mike Bennett and Matt Reber, presented the master plan for the new fairgrounds and told the council they are still over $385,000 short of their goal for the $1.8 million project.

The committee attended the meeting to seek a donation from the town that would go to the new fairgrounds project.

Some council members were concerned the new grandstand might obstruct the temple view, but the committee assured them it would not.

Much like their decision to hold off on the property purchase, the town council decided to wait on making any donations to the Fair Board Committee until Wales Town Mayor Keith Jensen was present, which will be at the next regular council meeting scheduled for Dec. 6.