Wales Town goes full steam ahead with plans for community safety building

Wales Town goes full steam ahead with plans for community safety building


By Teri Forbes




WALES—It’s full steam ahead for the Town of Wales, which is planning to begin construction on a new, much-needed community safety building this spring.

The first of the final steps to make the new safety building a reality was completed as the town council convened March 5 with a welcome by the Town Mayor Keith S. Jensen.

Since Wales received the Community Impact Board’s (CIB) approval for the safety building, this council meeting was focused on the approval and adoption of Wales Town Resolution No. 2019-01. This is step one for the creation of a Wales LBA, meaning the “local building authority.”

The LBA is a nonprofit corporation with bylaws with articles of incorporation filed with the state. The LBA Board will consist of the mayor and council (board members). All future projects will be run through the LBA.

Wales retained the law firm of Blaisdell, Church & Johnson, LLC, as legal counsel to assist in the LBA process by preparing the legal docs and gathering council signatures to make it official and compliant with state law. Jeanette Johnson, paralegal of the law firm, explained to the council that this was standard practice.

The resolution was unanimously adopted following council member Byron Davis’ statement that “all is hunky dory.”

Looking forward to the council meeting next month in April, it is anticipated that a Bond Resolution will be adopted; this is step two. Then, step three in May there will be access to the funds. Construction is anticipated to begin in June.